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In the whole year the students are busy in extra activities. But before the examination , they do not go the playground, cancel the picnic and forget about cinemas. They are busy with their books, go on reading while sipping a cup of tea, go on revising before lying in bed.

They discuss questions from each other and start the preparation of papers. Some sit on the trees and others sit in the corner of the rooms . Examination fever touches the highest point on the night before the examination. One gets disturbed sleep.

Student get up early in the morning and even for the pray. In front of the examination hall one feel that everything was evaporated from his mind. Some revised this question on his mind and  some say, have you prepared these questions. 

The student feel disturbed and turn the pages of paper and rolled his eyes all the answers . As soon as he takes his seat in the examination hall, he prayers to God or revised the questions . In the questions paper is difficult, glasses of water are ordered.

The students surprises with this question papers but easy question papers it is difficult for the students to choose the  questions difficult .As students sit down for writing, he may feel that much has evaporated from his brain.

Even after the examination the fever still hunts the students. He tells his friend, i was a bit confused or i could not do justice to questions. He count his marks and think that he would get the second class. He remains in this type of suspense when the result comes. He tries to find roll number in the newspaper.

This movement is very difficult for the student. If the result is comes then every one including friends, parents as well as his parents were taunting. But those who will be succeeded in the examination then everyone included his parents, relative and friends will be congratulated.

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