Humans are going to have conflict. It is t something we need to avoid; however, we do need to learn how to speak our truth with words of love ~ harming none ~ or we could create additional karma for ourselves. Now that does not mean....we step out of authenticity and integrity, and tell people what they want to hear just so we don't hurt their egos feelings. We need to be honest and express our needs, standing up for ourselves ~ however, we can do this in a grounded, loving way with strong yet compassionate words. We also need to address these situations DE-PASSIONATELY...... because if we are very passionate about our "truth" then the likely hood of us opening up our energy field to outside influences becomes very possible. When we open our energy field, we loose our protection and leak energy..... our energy becomes scattered. Oftentimes, this is when we will project portions of our energy into someone else's energy field, and likewise they will project energy into ours. We also create energetic cords and entanglements with other people, and this will drain both people's energetic systems, as well as, create great confusion within both beings. If you get caught up in a moment where you loose your balance, it would be best to walk away and gather yourself (your energy) and get grounded before you address the situation. The situation will need to be dealt with....otherwise, it will continue to re-create itself.