Congratulations to the people of the country blessed...........

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Congratulations to the people of the country blessed! New to Pakistan and the people on the streets with the slogan slogans to protest the

And the first shot on his chest to turn the promise of food the government sit Khan alias for the freedom march is ordered to make bullet-proof container
Work is in progress on the luxury of the rulers of the people on the streets have to be pulled away and destroy the country's economy to turn Khan's bullet-proof container,

AC, wash room, beat, and all the amenities luxurious sofa set with a container


which is in the final stages of preparation, according to cost millions, except certain degree,

but it would be worth a huge container of it.


When abusing the public consciousness of the country would turn the money from his pocket Khan would have ever thought that the development work in Khyber Pakhtun khwa, the table could not be completed? The money spent to fulfill your passion turn Khan rulers accountable is to present ourselves before the turn Khan. New first Old impeded Pakistan Pakistan went so well I'll see if the new Pakistan

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