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Afghanistan needs to save its connection with all countries. It is the best way that we experienced in the past.

Afghanistan’s history has been determined by its connections to all around the world. The ancient Silk Road, that connected East with West and famed Herat and Balkh is the best example to show how connections made Afghanistan famous between other countries as well for India, Russia and Persia. Those same connections enabled Afghanistan’s own historic empires centered in Ghor and Ghazni to rule over large swaths of India and Persia in turn.

In the modern world, connections are more critical, to compete in the world economy, borders must be both secure and open to commerce. For this reason, we should take care of our border from stopping enemy infiltration as well as illegal trade in narcotics, weapons and other contraband. To save the borders we need to support Afghan Border Police, who are able to patrol the nation’s borders to apprehend enemies and smugglers and legitimate business can import and export goods. It is the best way of improvement, because it can upraise national proceeds and as well the best way to get in touch with our neighbors.

Today fortunately Afghanistan’s connections reach far beyond its borders to the other sides. Now it is the time of experience technological revolution by using of World Wide Web. For the moment, critical connection is taking place in villages across Afghanistan.

I hope that people consider the connections and benefits outcome from connections in their family. You should consider that how they will help you, your family and your nation.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi



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