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Grieve not for that which is passing away before your very eyes, for as it does so it makes way for all that is new and glorious. Even though much of what is fading away right now was not necessarily of the highest light, still many of you mourn it’s passing. And this is quite alright, indeed, it is natural. You have lived so long amongst these societal norms, these thoughts and ideals, these ways of being and conducting yourselves. Because you have lived your Earthly lives behind an opaque veil of forgetfulness and mystery, these things are all you think you’ve ever known. Consciously known. So as they pass away, you feel a bit disoriented and confused. In your heart of hearts you know that it is for the best, that they disperse. You know they cannot survive in this bright new world, nor would you wish them to. For it is a world which is every day becoming more and more vibrant and alive. And for this you are excited and awash in a state of anticipatory bliss. “So why, sometimes, do I feel so forlorn”,

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