Continuing Efforts to Improve the Education System in Afghanistan

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This video documents the improvements at an All-girl high school in Afghanistan.  Associates of Film Annex built a computer room from the ground up connect over 4,000 students to the world wide web.  Seeing videos like this one is very encouraging for someone like myself who is taking part with the evolution of film making, such as this website. 

The school in which these improvements were installed is the Houz-e-Karbas High School, founded in 1962.  With 4,000 students, the classes are mostly taught in tents by 92 teachers.  Rounding up the staff are 5 senior teachers, 1 administrator, and 1 education manager.   With statistics like these, the school is in dire need of improvements.  A new internet room is a step in the right direction for improving the lot of 4,000 students.

With internet readily available to the students, a cultural interface is now possible with them and the rest of the world.    For 4,000 girls to be able to reach the globe through a computer screen, the rest of the world can now hear their stories, their lives, and they too could be inspired to change the world for the better.  There is much to be learned from cultural exchange with a country like Afghanistan.  The west has pre-conceived notions about the place, much like every thing else, which needs to be rectified.   One school for girls now have access to the wonderful and horrifying landscape of the internet.  But with the bad comes the good, of course.  Information exchange is something we all should strive for in the end, regardless of the seemingly questionable material out there.

Because of this recent improvement, a funny thought came into my head, how many students would now slack off and use Facebook, instead of listening to lecture.  Will we be getting Afghan memes now?  While it's too soon to tell, the internet could be said to offer more good than ill.  For the students at Houz-e-Karbas High School, welcome to the information superhighway.  I hope your experiences will be a pleasant and joyful one.

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