conversation of jamshed with wais

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jamshed: hellow I 'm jamshed

wais :Hi i'm wais rufi nice to meet you

jamshed : nice to meet you too. what do you do?

wais : i'm a student .how about you?

jamshed :i'm also student .what school are you at?

wais :iam at Habibia high scool .and you?

jamshed :oh,iam at Ghazi high school


wais :how old are u?

jamshed: iam 18 year old .how about you?

wais .iam 19 years old.what is ur father name?

jamshed: my father name 's about you?

wais : my father name 's sardar.oh  jamshed what u doing during the day?

jamshed: at frist i do my pray then i go to school then i stady my school subject then i play valibul how about you wais?

wais: at frist iam also do my pray then go to school then i stady my lesson then i meet my frinds.

jamshed : ok my frind good bye see you soon

wais : ok my dear frind good bye i waish u have a good time

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