Corruption - Biggest Threat to Future of Afghanistan

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As Afghanistan tries to build up as a strong country, it needs monetary assistance. Consistent civil war as not only left it in a bad shape but also its natural resources need to be identified and industrial atmosphere/infrastructure built. The international community has come forward to help the Government of Afghanistan. But the biggest concern for international community is the misuse of money and the rampant corruption. Without the cleaning up of Corruption, the money given will fall in wrong hands and it will be difficult to rebuild Afghanistan.


Realizing the issue with Corruption, NATO is doing its part by spreading awareness among the people of Afghanistan. NATO’s primary objective in Afghanistan is to help the Afghan authorities to provide effective security across the country so that Afghanistan can be a safe heaven.  But apart from providing security, NATO is organizing games to fight corruption. Because  the people of Afghanistan are responsible for corruption. The give money to corrupt people and there are some who accept this money. A voice has to be raised to stop it, otherwise it will be difficult for a new Afghanistan to grow.



With US and NATO troops reducing their presence and the people of Afghan taking the countries security in their own hand, Governance has to be improved from the root. There are lot of area of Concerns for people of the world because Afghan President Hamid Karzai has made much less progress. There are people who are helping voluntarily without government help, but corruption has to be curtailed. Otherwise people will lose hope and take a path which will defeat the purpose of democracy.

The progress on corruption has to be audited or dealt with strict rules. No doubt support will be less and cleanup will be slow. But Corruption is an evil which can be dangerous than Taliban. Without a strong support from all faction of government of Afghanistan, the country is in the danger of falling in the hands of militant. If the international money is not properly utilized then the economy will hardly grow in turn creating jobless youth who might take up arms.  To conclude, the Future of Afghanistan is at risk due to Corruption.


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