Corruption in Afghanistan

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Corruption is no longer a local matter but a transnational phenomenon that affects all societies and economies, international cooperation prevent and control it essentially.

“We have identified corruption as the single greatest obstacle to economic and social development” The World Bank

“For too long, the culture of corruption has undercut development and good governance and bred criminality and mistrust around the world” President George W.Bush

“Corruption traps millions in poverty

We must acknowledge that the phenomenon of corruption is part of human life, and the history of corruption is related to age of human.

In this case we can express that corruption exists in each society, and there is corruption in each country less or more, Afghanistan also have this experience in different part of era governments.

 This country was not except of corruption in the past, but the existence of corruption was not huge and immense like progress period


Now an extraordinary case of corruption is predominant in our homeland.

This corruption creates a special crisis against different processes, like realization of civil society and democracy. In other hand, we have to accept that corruption is part of human life, and covers different kinds of ups and downs.

But, this dangerous and erosive corruption didn’t progress in past periods of governments.

Unfortunately due to these reasons, Afghanistan has the second position

of corruption in the whole world.

 So the factors of corruption are divide into two categories (Internal and External)

1_ internal factor:  substantive and figures of corruption before everything exists in different mechanism, Such as politic, Education, society and economic in Afghanistan, that majority of problems and crises are caused of this internal factor.

2_External figure:  It observes that 50 or more than 50 countries have military presence, and so the neighbor countries also influence in different issues like: economic, intelligence, society and politics.

And all the time they intervene to our internal issues to achieve negative benefits
and encourage some ignorant people to crime some corruption cause of their benefits.

Unfortunately each of the foreign countries follow their illegal goals in Afghanistan, there are special groups from foreign countries that intervene in different issues of the country, such as intervention in security plan, designate people in key and important part of government, to sign economic treaties, cultivation of poppy, produce drugs, promotion of continuity of crisis and assassination of important characters and etc. with cooperation of Afghan groups they play important role.

In this case the major part of corruption belongs to internal and external Mafia, that make erosive crisis among the country of Afghanistan.

Generally, existence of corruption in Afghanistan from inside:  Back hold of people from democracy, freedom and studying. Leadership of ignorant people in government, existence of weak and different cultures, whole social poverty and lack of people’s awareness caused the corruption.

From another side: Invasion of Soviet Union in Afghanistan, erosive of civil war and finally the medieval period of Taliban , pave the ground for disaster, violence,   poverty of people and thousands of  other crises, created these people poor and misery .


 From the beginning of temporary government, 2001 up to now2013 they attempt and struggle to root this corruption, but still they are unsuccessful in their duty, because of their weak management.


About the author


he is Emal Amiri, student of forth class of political law and science faculty of Herat university.
he has been teaching english language in herat e bastan training center since 2012.

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