Corruption steals school money from Kenyan children

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Kenyan president mwai kabuki  is coming under increasing pressure to dismiss the minister of education and other senior officials after the discovery that more than $103 million have vanished from a fund the provides from free primary education to millions of children in the country.

The head of a Kenyan public advocacy group called national action network says the latest corruption scandal is so egregious there could be mass unrest unless the government acts quickly to identify and punish those responsible for the theft good frag wanjihia says the scandal could affect as many as one_ million school children and their families throughout Kenya this has affected every inch of this country,

and the children and the parents are up in arms about play about the players behind the scandals. Said god frag wanjihia we are lobbying the members of parliament to short their Christmas holidays. San that they can debate this matter, which is of grave concern to every Kenyan.We need this to be taken as a very serious issue and Kenyans now need a button up approach against corruption in this country 

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