Couples Act Out Sex Positions You've Never Heard Of!

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Anyone who's ever read "Cosmo" knows that there are some pretty crazy sex positions out there, but few have had the courage or physical capacity to attempt them -- until now.

On Wednesday, CutVideo posted a video to YouTube called "Real Couples Playing Sexy Charades," in which couples act out obscure sex positions with nothing but the name to go on.

Watching the twosomes take a crack at positions such as "The Drill Bit," "One Sausage Wrapped To-Go," and "The Intermediate Swimming Lesson" is delightfully awkward and amusing. Best of all, one of the featured couples is the director's parents.

For kicks, CutVideo -- the folks behind the viral pot-smoking grannies video -- decide to fabricate one terrible-sounding position of their own, which they named "30 Minutes On Hold With Comcast." Talk about a mood killer!

Watch the video above

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