Coup/Rebellion/Famine-What to Do About Mali?

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Much talk but little action about the recent coups and Tuareg rebellion in Mali. As is often the case with its former colonies, France is taking the lead, but also the Economic Community of West African States is asserting its regional role as it did in the Ivory Coast. Today, April 3, 2012, the UN Security Council will continue discussions and perhaps make another additional “presidential Statement” to follow up on the one a week earlier critical of the military coup. See our Blog for Video "War Imitates Film in Mali".


The UN Security Council had focused its words on urging a return to civilian rule after the military coup. See Video for Film Report; "Sahel Famine Mali Coup". However, as the Tuareg rebels figthing under the banner of Mouvement National de Liberation de l’Azawad (MNLA), have quickly taken over the key population centers in the North of Mali, the alarm has been raised about the potential division of the country. (Some also assert that the Tuareg are also pushing for an “Islamic State” of their own). UNESCO has also added its concern over the potential damage done to the historic/cultural/education center of Timbuktu.


The fraying of Mali comes to what was perceived as one of West Africa’s more stable democracies whose cultural impact is global and development gains had recently given hope. Now Mali’s political/military turmoil has been compounded by Sahel wide famine.


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