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 When we think of some wacky places we would like to see at least once if not multiple times in our lives, they usually revolve around food. The reason? Mainly because we’re an adventurous group of people and love a crazy dining experience.

 So, this list of some top crazy restaurants will surely bring some excitement to your palate, if you’re willing to try. That being said, the first on the list, courtesy of the Huffington Post may remind you of a few characters from The Jetsons with its futuristic appeal. I’m referring to the Dalu Robot in Jinan, China, which has robotic hosts, servers, and receptionists working but don’t worry, humans still have to cook the food.

If you’re looking for a great experience, especially if you’re visiting China, definitely check this place out. The owner of the restaurant also believes the robots are less costly than human workers. Robot domination anyone?

 Now if you’re not looking to get into the “techie” side of things, visit the other side of the globe specifically, Carnation, Washington. This city is home to the Bors Hede Inne that brings you way back into medieval times with minstrels playing and menus written in Olde English [and I mean real ‘olde’]. This restaurant is set in a precious town with wonderful décor that will really set you in the medieval mood.

Following this medieval-style restaurant, let’s enter the dark side, literally. Some popular restaurants that have been springing up over the past couple of years feature a “dining in the dark” experience. One of the more popular chains located in Barcelona, London, Kiev and soon NYC is ‘Dans Le Noir?’. 

The whole purpose of this dining experience is to really taste the food without focusing on plating and using only two of our senses to judge the quality. The actual reviews are mixed when it comes to the food but nonetheless, if you want wacky and memorable, this is your kind of place for sure.

 So if you’re around any of these areas, or are planning on visiting soon try one of these wacky restaurants that will make your dining experience a bit more thrilling than usual! 

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