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I recently learnt that very successful American actor Matthew Modine has joined Film Annex! His page, namely Matthew Modine Web TV, showcases some of his work in not just an acting capacity but also producing and directing. As an independent filmmaker, I am very pleased to see some ‘big name’ filmmakers joining platforms such as Film Annex; not only is it good for the growth of the platform, it is also wonderful to be able to watch the work of some well respected people in the industry.


I found myself watching Modine’s film ‘I Think I Thought’ which he wrote, co-produced, directed and starred in. It is described as a sardonically humorous short film which follows the life of a man named Joe who lives in a world which doesn’t tolerate analytical thinking. It was a fantastic short film so I encourage you to watch it.

The purpose of me mentioning Modine this week is because again I am realising the power of the online world. It truly is creating a level playing field; I am on the same platform as a successful actor like Modine, and have just as much chance of people viewing my content. This would not always be the case in large film festival or with traditional forms of distribution. There is a great democratisation going on. The documentary, PressPausePlay raises the question, does this mean better art, or will true talent be lost in an ocean of garbage (as can happen on some online platforms)?

I think this is where Film Annex has created a niche because it filters online content to promote genuine new voices in cinema. When going through Eren’s Picks it is great to see the diversity in content and types of films available. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of those ‘picks’, and enjoy watching what other filmmakers have contributed. I am interested in what other filmmakers think, do you feel a level playing field is created online? Alternatively, to the creators of Film Annex, do you strive to have diversity within the Web TVs that are on the site? Personally, I am very happy to be a part of a platform which encourages the arts and independent film industry!

I look forward to hearing your views.

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This blog was written by Laura Hutton – Communications Coordinator for Alex Nakone Films. Laura’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.

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