Creativity in Afghanistan

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Our creative capacity is not entirely dependent on that of our parents – and theirs from their own parents and so on – so we have much hope for really changing the world. Creativity is the ability to form new ideas like the one Ms Roya Mahboob did and brought something new to Afghanistan, i.e. Examer, Women potential for improvement, and etc. What we need here in Afghanistan are just some fundamental strides which exist among the people and only need to be stir up; factors like experience, fearlessness, desire, and environment help in being creative and see order in disorder.

Afghans now are packed with too many years of bad luck and now aided by some countries seek new and creative ways to push themselves forward. They can and are using diverse experiences from those countries that were on the progress path, while Afghanistan was involved with internal and external forces causing war and disorder. For example, in order to rebuild the education system and improve the quality they are using from many scholarships for higher education.

The harsh situations they underwent made them fearless and somehow stubborn, the quality which can be put on being creative. To bring a change management practices are needed, that is, the allowance of freedom in conduct of work, provision of challenging and interesting work, specification of clear strategic goals, formation of work teams with diverse skills and perspectives, focus on technology and reward and incentive structures. Some of these aims are already obtained like the freedom and proposals of strategic goals, but they should be encouraged to put new ideas into practice, Organizational encouragement, Encouraging of risk taking and idea generation at all levels, Fair supportive, evaluation of new ideas, Reward and recognition of creativity and participatory decision making all of these are the stepping stones to build a better future.

The labor force and environment has a huge potential in Afghanistan. Everything lays there untouched and needed to be chiseled. Resources that need appropriate time and money can create work group features, of course with mutual support with the diverse ability and expertise.  




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Farhad Sharify was born on December 28th, 1988 in Herat Province, Afghanistan. Completed his early educations at local private schools up to 6th grade, then enrolled to Sultan High School in 2001 where he got his Diploma in 2007. As he was interested in English, he went through English Literature…

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