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Billions of dollars are spent globally on discovering new drugs and therapies, 90% of the drugs fail in clinical trials for various reasons and huge amount of funds and resources are wasted. Innovative techniques are required to predict which drugs will succeed, fresh human tissues can be a most relevant model to predict which drugs will succeed and which drugs will fail in early trials leading to saving precious time and billions of dollars. Fresh human tissues consisting live cells are closest possible model of how drugs will behave in patients in real time. Human tissues are essential in the development of for translational medicine, targeted therapies and the development of personalized molecular diagnostics. Human Bio-specimens, like human tumor tissues, diseased blood, serum, plasma sample validation can provide key data starting from early stage through pre clinical research, biomarker development and companion diagnostics. Human tissues can be used to identify specific molecular entities involved in disease like cancer, tumor growth, metastasis and drug resistance leading to most effective targeted therapies.

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