Crimes are increasing

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Crimes are increasing all over the world. Many countries handle this because of their powerful and strong government. There are many types of crime. The word crime is not only used for stealing things but in many other ways like killing, raping, kidnapping, bank robbers, corruption, etc.

Jails are present but these people are not afraid of that. They were in the jail for some time but after they were out they do exactly what they were doing in the past. Many of people stay in the jails for all their life. We know that the people doing this are in very critical situation but it is not the solution of their problems.

The killing is very common but the people kill another person for money. We don’t have the authority to kill a person but they don’t understand that he has a family behind him. Many police officers are injured or killed them also has a family.

We can’t control bank robberies. People kept their money for safety but the banks are not safe now a day.  People kept their savings which they need in their coming life.

Kidnapping is one of the biggest disasters. Childs are kidnapped and they demand for money. Sometimes they took money are release the child’s or sometime they took money and kill the child’s. The innocent child’s are punished but no one care about it.

   You can understand the countries with these issues cannot success in the future. The country with these types of issues has very bad future.


                                       End Crime and Save Lives.


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