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I know I always recommend a blog to read at the start of most of my own blogs, but that is usually because something inspires me and from that I like to give credit before going into my own tangents. However, Francesco Rulli has a new blog that speaks near and dear to my heart. It talks about the value of critical thinking and motivation driving him to projects such as FilmAnnex and Building Schools in Afghanistan. This same motivation is what drove me to speak with Francesco in the first place, and to possibly not know what I want to do with my life yet, but know where I want to be. That drove me to speak with Francesco, and write the blogs most of you have gotten used to reading. This motivation relies primarily on my high levels of ambition that others may not contain. Hence why I am up at 12:25am blogging, ready to take on the mountains of work I have to tackle in the morning at school.

So where does the critical thinking come in? Well critical thinking is what gave me the ability to turn that motivation to speak with Francesco into a solid opportunity to do something. Critical thinking helped me realize that Social Entrepreneurship is an emerging trend in the market place. Critical thinking helped me realize the significance of what people like Roya Mahboob are doing to contribute to a better society in their own country. Critical thinking drove the people in my close circle to be in my close circle, because I know that there thoughts will land them places just like I know mine will.

Now I really do love going to school, I enjoy being an MBA student, and I love exploring every avenue of possibility I can find. I also like to learn why things work, why they are applied how they are, and what happens when you look at it from a different approach. That is why I love the area of consulting. For example, I took a mock interview where I was asked a question about an airplane. I don't necessarily remember the exact question, but I knew it had to do with flying. Instead of asking how much gas the plane had, or how many people were on board, I asked if the plane had seats. How far the plane was going. If the plane could carry luggage, etc. Now ask this question to someone else and they will have a different take on the same situation going on in my mind. I want to know what they are thinking as well.

This leads to the motivation I have to be a leader one day, hopefully for projects as exciting as the ones FilmAnnex are working on. I want the ability to work with a team, learn what they think, see how they think, and collectively bring ideas to fruition through the strengths each individual posses. I know the longer this blog goes on, the more I stray from the message of Francesco's last blog. However, after I read his blog I just loved the idea and needed to express what critical thinking, motivation, and the future mean to me.

The only thing stopping me from progressing into the successes of my future, is my ability to critically think through any situation and the motivation to do so. Those same factors that have the potential to stop my progression, are the factors that I know will contribute to me being successful. I look forward to all future endeavors, and the people whom I will collectively work with along the way.

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