Sometimes we cry when we feel too happy, happiness is indescribable in words can only describe with tears.

There are cries sometimes when we realize what petty, unjust, mediocre life is. We do not cry for us.

Sometimes crying is simply adorable reasons because of the spicy of onion. Tears drop from our eyes but we smile and blame ourselves that such stupid we are

Sometimes laughing is when we see the love life, want to inform the life that we are very optimistic.

Sometimes laughing is weeping when we shut our sadness and turn it into laughter. Sourly! Artificially !

Sometimes laughter is to make it through the pain to live, we laugh, but whether our heart can laugh or not ?

Sometimes laughter is to free, to forget all troubles and welcome freshness. Smile of tomorrow.

Sometimes laughter because we see the beautiful simplicity: the attention, sharing., loving... Is our heart smiling , right?

Crying is not always sad, laugh is not always fun.

What if a man only knows laughing but not crying? Because he has suffered too much pain, or he remains optimistic, he had so strong. !

What if a man only knows crying but not laughing? Because he is weak or he is so emotional, because he does not know how to laugh.

Actually, both types are not good at all. Life needs both smiles and tears, because it is an expression of emotion.