Cry when you feel despair

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Because beyond tears, beyond choked sob when pouring out the entire oppressed, I will not be able to do more to resolve the burden of heart. Instead of trying to staunch the bear, instead of looking to anyone to rely or share, then find a quiet corners where you cry.
Only you alone, cry loudly. Crying out to be right, you will see more gently. Life is a gamble which is unfair, cruel things happening still rife, but people still have to suffer until the end. Compared with this world, then we personally so small, so easy to generate feelings of loneliness and guilt, also sometimes used hopeless attitude of antagonism and resentment to live. But always deadlock.
The bigger, the more we understand the world around us exist too many things that can only be set to accept, how well can not be changed. More sad, the greater the disappointment, frustration then at some point it will turn into despair. We will then altogether inert with what happened, painful face without emotion.
So, before you feel like giving up with this world, before you despair, and despair, for complete confidence dropped, thrown away all hope, let go emotionally inert fierce look was squeezed masterpiece. Before I was suppressing the trying to be tough to put into the crisis, not the name, I just keep crying away, then, you are allowed soft.

Humans have always had the time to the strong need to overcome all the obstacles, but also soft when needed, to soothe tired heart. Feeling warm memories then cried loudly, tired then stop. Do not force yourself to be strong pent-up, and do not think that tears are not for adults.
The more mature, more lonely, more and want something to hold but was forced to let go, as there are times forced to compromise, forced to make a choice. Of course, the despair will follow that grew, that in a certain moment, we are surprised to realize that I was losing ever since.
Winter is here, if you have been feeling lonely or tired? Would you feel helpless and hopeless world to himself? Do not be afraid to take a full disclosure and standstill outside the warm memories, hearts do not have to endure more stress, do not make the languorous mood forever. Crying and will no longer feel pain, cry, will see heart lighten the burden.
There needs to show stubbornness, crying, I'll still be a strong girl ...

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