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We are going to have local artists paint  this wall.

It will be full of Local artists twist on the Startcoin, Dogecoin and Monetary unit logos, Their will also be spots for Crypto businesses Qr links,Qr faucets and their will be cartoon panels on wallet info, use and exchanges.We will also have QR faucets that will drop coins and cause a interactive event on the wall. This wall is in THE ARTS DISTRICT LAS VEGAS. It will be the talk of the town. For 1 it will be seen by  500000 tourists in 6 months.Without a doubt it will be asked about and interviews by the artists will be conducted. We will be recording the whole process from initial design to completion . They will be available  here as a reward. We will have vendors set up here during events that happen 2-5 a month year around .Plus we will have a person their during events to answer questions. 

Do you want to help crypto adoption to happen . We know that we have a venue, people ,stores that accept crypto and the opportunity with your help, Through tweets, shares donations,and  pledges . We can help that adoption spread worldwide as 80% of our guests are going to tell someone in another country about the crypto wall. be a part of this Crypto event! Lets Change everything together. When people Start seeing crypto in other places than the news and annoying internet ads it WILL intrigue them to see what its really about. Help us spread the word. thanks

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