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ÉCU- The European Independent Film Festival is giving first-time filmmakers an even greater chance getting their work seen at the ÉCU Film Festival in Paris on the March 30th to April 1st 2012.

If you enter your FIRST EVER short film (made after Jan 2010) into the ÉCU FIRSTS category, ÉCU will waive the submission fee and will guarantee a screening of your film in Paris in our special ÉCU FIRSTS screening area. All you have to do is to be at the festival to reserve your screening time and have an audience of at least 10 people.

Please be aware that the ÉCU FIRSTS category has NO AWARD and the films in this category are not considered a part of ÉCU`s Offical Selection. While we will help to publicize all the films in ÉCU FIRSTS filmmakers will need to be the primary source of publicity to get the required number of audience members to the screening.

ÉCU is giving first-time filmmaker an opportunity to show your film for free in Paris. So what do you say? Are you brave enough? This offer is open to 100 first-time filmmakers so submit ASAP!

All You Need to Know About ÉCU FIRSTS
• The submission must be your first short film.
• You have to come to the festival to guarantee the screening of your film.
• You will get a free weekend Festival Pass to ÉCU 2012.
• You get to mingle with producers, actors, and directors from all over the world.
• It’s free to enter your film


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