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ÉCU Film Festival in Italy. A short presentation and special screening at the Accademia Nazionale del Cinema.

On Saturday, October 22th, 2011 from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm at the Accademia Nazionale del Cinema in Bologna there will be a presentation and a short screening by the ÈCU – The European Independent Film Festival will be held. The academy was founded in Bologna in 1986 and its prestigious center is situated in the historical Palazzo Felicini. The courses (filmmaking and screenwriting, make up, director of photography, camera operator filming and editing, sound operator, dubbing) held by qualified teachers, take place in the great halls covered in frescos, which creates a mix between art and technology.

The school also offers special events: meetings with important professionals; internships in Italy and abroad, and Tamtam – a secretarial staff which helps students find and use various career opportunities (information and submissions about festivals and short competitions, free pass for film, cultural and entertainment events etc).

The National Academy of Cinema is not only a school but a dynamic cultural centre, which is why ÉCU has chosen to present the festival here. A short presentation by our President Scott Hillier will introduce the festival to the students, teachers and all the other guests, and then there will be a screening of some ÈCU’s films. The purpose of the event, which is taking place in collaboration with Academy, is not only to promote our festival, but to offer some of the best students the chance to join the ÈCU competition free of charge.

The European Independent Film Festival (ÉCU) is one of Europe’s premier events for independent filmmakers and their audiences. ÉCU is not only a great opportunity for students to see a vast array of fresh and innovative films made by extraordinarily talented filmmakers, but also to participate themselves: students are especially welcome to submit their films and attend the screenings and workshops organized throughout the 3 day Parisian festival. We are accepting films in thirteen categories, ranging from short and long features to animation and music videos. A complete list of our categories is available on our website. A prestigious jury of respected filmmakers and industry experts judge and reward the best film in each category, giving a great opportunity for award winning filmmakers to publicize their work and talent in the festival circuit as well as industry. ÉCU 2012 could launch the career of one of Accademia Nazionale del Cinema students! We waiting for you…

Accademia Nazionale del Cinema,
c/o Palazzo Palazzo Felicini via Riva di Reno 79,
Bologna Italy

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