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For ÉCU - The European Independent Film Festival three days in Paris is just not enough. Every year our festival travels around the world making sure our "Official Selection" directors and films are made known. This follows our commitment to cultivate the new and inspiring talent that we come across.

Last year was quite a busy year for us. ÉCU traveled around the globe to 17 countries showing the very best of its independent films. This is made possible through the help of over 60 (and quickly growing) partner festivals. During these festivals, some of our "Official Selection" films are screened, which furthers the size of our directors audience and their creative voices. In adding to the number of viewers, we are able to champion ÉCU's belief in our directors and passion for independent cinema. This action alone makes our storytellers voices heard, their creativity made known, and allows them possibilities they would otherwise might not have had.

In October of last year, we had the opportunity to take ÉCU to Tbilisi, Georgia with a three day festival called "ÉCU in Georgia." Through the help of an intern, Ellen Dumbadze and other supporters, such as the Georgian Ministry of Culture and the Georgian National Film Center the event was made possible and was a huge success. Four time Academy Award winner for Sound Direction, Mark Berger, even attended the event. Berger wants to build a new generation of filmmakers and supports events like ÉCU -The European Independent Film Festival who foster the same beliefs. We hope to do other similar events like "ÉCU in Georgia" again this year.

As a festival for filmmakers, it is important for ÉCU to go on the road and tour our films. Through events like the ones mentioned above, we have to ability to changes lives, forge relationships, further creation and artistic expression, and encourage a new generation of filmmaking and film-goers. We will be going on the road soon, now that ÉCU 2012 is finished. ÉCU has already confirmed screenings at Naperville Independent Film Festival in the United States, Outbox Short Film Festival in Lebanon, OPEN CINEMA Film Festival in Russia, and hopes for many others. Maybe we will run into you!

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