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Countries and nations are recognized by their cultural heritage. What is cultural heritage ? The rich treasures of traditions, art, and craft which a nation inherits. People should never forget their traditions because these traditions are a part of our identity. So traditions of a nation or a country should be kept alive. We all are aware and conscious of the rich treasures we posses. Our culture, our traditions are something we should be very proud of and their perseverance is necessary. People of Pakistan are very hard working creative and artistic as well. Things and articles made by them are admired all over the world. Specially, folk tales, folk songs, and folk music have their own charm and people really enjoy them.

All these things never stop but pass from one generation to another. Such kind of things reflect a wide range of moods, thoughts, emotions and features of our life. There are different sort of dances which give the expression of their joy e.g luddi, bhangra, khattak dance and ha jamalo. Our lovely stories of sohni and mehewal, heer and ranjha, sassi and punnu are mentioned in poem and sung in a very beautiful way. The Pakistanis are very efficient in the field of architecture. Jahangir’s tomb, Badshahi mosque, and Lahore fort are existing monuments of muslim hard work which is inherited from our Mughal rulers.  In the Mughal era the art of carpet weaving flourished very fastly. This is the reason that Pakistani carpets are known to be best in quality and durability. Not only our carpets but our handicrafts also reflect our culture. Pakistanis have special love for beauty which can be detected in their work and handicrafts made by them.


Things like embroidery, shawls, leather goods, shoes, lampshades of camel skin and shirts all these things are pretty famous in whole world. Superior quality of cotton and silk materials made in Pakistan are envied all over the world. Apart from textiles, our wood work has also became a speciality of Pakistan. The art of carving, embossed floral designs and engravings on wood and metal adorn jewelry boxes, cabinets, trays, furniture and folding screens are worth mentioning and appreciating.






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