Current status of women in society

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Women make up half the bodies in a country is a key element in many of the war in Afghanistan has occurred;

Willy-nilly women are victims of all wars. The cause of their backwardness of many of the other women is. and the right to education, they were all once lived in an isolated.

but with the arrival of the current government took a much more of these things, while the proportion of women in a number of different areas was increased substantially, but a number of women staying in the same isolation and even cruelty towards increased during the war that I am a bad situation, so far as can be seen in different parts of our country.

Seeing and hearing such cases quake that every human life is a human being does. Falls of violence and killings of women makes them frightened. Afghan society, we are so spoiled. a Muslim man who put the religion of Allah and Mohammad (PBUH) deems such a barbaric act and ill-friendly knocks No it does not stay in his humanity,

The Qur'an and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about the mutual respect between husband and wife is mentioned in several places. But a Muslim performs indecent act. And Allah says and Mohammad (PBUH) ignores and undermines such indecency and their families brought to ruin, And Lou, a woman or a man no matter how well the post is wrong, again as a Muslim we do not have the right to take his life. Because it gives life and God takes life, which we are, so that even a mosquito could destroy what humans.

As we recently witnessed the torture of a bride by her husband, after seven months of their marriage, her husband had a history of persecution and hunting with guns had shot his wife. One side effect of the supplement on her face was gone. and people post after such an ugly act since fled the Unfortunately, such is not the state over authority to issue the death penalty for such people. and the oppressed people and their right to be innocent.


Hoping to establish such a state!


Written by : Mohammad seeyam zalmi 


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