cutes, sweet and simple. how to make donuts

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Recipes How to Make Donuts Simple And Practical Materials:

- Wheat flour as much as 1/2 kg - Sugar scoop of sand as much as 4 Human Resources

- Butter as much as 3 Human Resources

- Instant Yeast is as much as 11 grams or half wrap

- Water 200 cc

- Milk powder and condensed as much as 3 Human Resources

- salt as much as 2 spoon

- as many as two grains egg


How to Make donuts easily:

1. first 2 eggs beaten until frothy, then mix the salt, sugar, milk, flour and butter, then stir until blended ,

2. Then enter the yeast into the water and was until evenly, then enter the yeast into the dough already made the point number 1, then knead the dough until smooth, put in a sealed container and let stand for 21 minutes until the dough

3. If you have the subs let stand 21 minutes and the dough is fluffy, it is time take as much as 1 tablespoon of dough and round it off. after it has been rounded mix the dough into the flour so that the dough is not sticky. Do it this way repeatedly until the dough runs out, then that looks fluffy dough, let stand for 21 minutes

4. After let stand for 21 minutes and the batter is mixed with wheat flour expands, it is time Mother of heating oil, which has been given flour dough do forget given hole. after cooking oil heats up, enter the donut batter into the frying oil, and use a small fire, wait until the donut change color to brown, then remove the donuts and leave until cold donut.

5. After the donuts cool, then rub it with butter donuts, do it this way repeatedly. then sprinkle with Ceres, cheese, strawberry or ingredients that Mother wanted to taste

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