Da Mashar Khabare (Pashto Proverbs)

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So again here is a collection of some classic and poetic Pashto/Pakhto proverbs, some of these are rarely used nowadays probably because many of us are giving importance and focusing on learning languages other than our native ones,  I believe this is the situation with many of the ancient nations "Losing their Touch" but the most beautiful thing about Pashto is its purity and sweet pronunciation, fortunately there are still people around the world who are contributing to this beautiful language. My collection of proverbs/mataluna is as following. 

علم د ښه سړي نه ډېر ښه او د بد سړي نه ډېر بد جوړوي

"ilam da kha sari na der kha ao da bad sari na der bad jorawi"

English Translation: Learning makes a good man better and an ill man worse 

خپل کار سره کار لره

"akhpal kar sara kar lara"

English Translation: Mind your own business


د طاقت نه مهارت ښه دى

"da taqat na maharat kha da"

English Translation: Skill is stronger than strength

داسې متل نشته چې رښتيا نه وي

"dase mathal nashta che rikhtya na wi'

English Translation: In proverbs there is none which is untrue 

Note: Based on Pashto Proverbs, I would like to recommend "Rohi Mataluna" which brings forth a collection of 1,350 proverbs.




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