Dangers Of Peace Keeping Functions

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When you watch the video Peace Keeping and Rule of Law there are going to be some conflicting emotions that come to you. On the service it seems that the United Nations OROLSI organization,  the Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions, is a great idea to help areas of the world coming out of conflict. Then you will wonder why there aren't some easier way to accomplish this feat. Each of the steps that the organization follows can be projected as controlling as they are healing. Perhaps they are a necessary evil, but that is up to you to decide. Since 1990 this organization has moved into areas that have experienced periods of domestic upheaval or civil war. They implement a program which has five levels, some obviously necessary, others potentially controlling. The first key aspect is to establish police force. In many ways this is obviously necessary to keep people safe. However, these measures could be used to implement unwanted political systems, religious views or morals onto a people who does not want them. The control of any group of people through military force can intentionally or unintentionally lead to this. The Second is to establish a system of justice and corrections. Needed to remove individuals who threaten the well-being of the people, dangerous because there are no safeguards to limit these arrests and punishments.  Any type of person could be eliminated and jailed for no reason, so it would seem the potential for treachery would exist in this type of program. Thirdly is Mine Action Security. This is a totally positive action that has to be done for the safety of the people in the short-term and the reintroduction into society of normal economic activity.  Removing landmines and booby traps, will allow people to reclaim their lives without fear, if they are allowed to. The fourth aspect of the program is Disarmament, rehabilitation and reintegrating.  This is a part that could also be viewed as potentially controlling.  For example in a country that has just experienced a domestic armed conflict then it makes sense to remove all of the weapons from those people.  In the United States there are large portions of the population that would rather participate in armed conflict than to allow the government to control their right to bear arms.  I can imagine that people in other areas of the world might feel a little vulnerable without a gun to protect themselves, their family and their property. The rehabilitation and reintegrating are also disturbing because there are no controls over what types of philosophies they may be promoting. Finally there is security sector reform, which is the newest, but seems like it could lead to some sort of foreign control over a region. There are many arguments for the use of ORLOSI, is supposed to help combatants move from being soldiers or combatants to change their label to being a civilian. They usually train and teach the skills necessary to run a police force that is not going to terrorize the people. The judicial system needs to  be established with talented and qualified judges and lawyers who are not corrupt and are working for the overall good of the country.  Otherwise the people will have no faith in the system and eventually the system will fail. This goes hand in hand with the development of a legitimate police force that is working for the good of the people rather than the good of themselves. Prisons are often the last place that a country looks to spend any money, however it has been proven through history that you can recognize the true nature of a society by looking at the state of its prison system.  If nobody reforms the prisons of a country, innocent people who are imprisoned unjustly may actually suffer significant injury or death because of the incarceration. There are many factors that have to be created in concert to allow the country to move from conflict back to civilizations.  ORLOSI can help with the initial integration of all of the major elements, but without a true system being involved.  Peace keeping has to become a part of the peace making right from the beginning in order to  achieve success.  

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