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Film Annex has been doing its bit in improving the Afghan education infrastructure through its Afghan Development Project. It has already built two internet schools, both topics I’ve covered on this blog, and continues its efforts with full vigor in this direction. Aiding them in their initiatives are corporate backers who share their vision for a progressive Afghanistan.

Daniel Yomtobian, Founder and CEO of Advertise.com, is the latest one to join their list of supporters. A known innovator, key strategist and entrepreneur, Daniel Yomtobian has a formidable reputation in the world of online marketing. His support helps this project immensely both in terms of his monetary assistance as well as his guidance in the field of digital infrastructure.

He will be providing collaboration for Film Annex’s Afghan Business Incubator and Technology Grid Project. This project is aimed to reach 160,000 children across 40 schools in Afghanistan and will help in developing educational and other software for older children apart from development and testing of social media initiatives. The vision is large that aims to aid schools to come up with novel ideas and helps fund their software and applications. Film Annex will also be commencing the building of its third internet school in Hatifi that will cater to 8300 children after the successful completion of the two initial schools.

Film Annex dreams to build 1000 schools in Afghanistan that can help educate 4 million. This is a huge vision and will only be possible if more corporate backers join the cause. Daniel Yomtobian is helping with the digital infrastructure that can allow Afghan children to be exposed to internet and the umpteen possibilities that its exposure can bring to them.  If Afghanis need to be there with the world, they have to be internet savvy and must get exposure to new and latest technologies.

Let us hope that as the awareness of this initiative increases, more and more people will come forward to contribute towards this herculean task that is envisaged by Francesco Rulli and Film Annex’s Afghan Development Initiative.

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