Dark Side of Syria Diplomacy

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Pssst-Don't tell anyone but the UN is not unified re Syria despite rather transparently cosmetic efforts to speak with one voice. Some think justice and the rule of law are nice concepts to talk about, kind of like at the "Confessional" facing the Priest and God, but in end we must give in to the dark political forces and seductive appeal of expediency to achieve "peace" or at least lack of open conflict. I don't believe in such Diplomatic BS - Peace is transient without the rule of law and also capacity to embrace political/social change.

Condemning the Crimes Against Syria's People:

Today, the justice-rule of law side of the UN - the United Nations Human Rights Council today adopted a resolution demanding that the Syrian Government cease all violence, protect its people, and put an end to widespread and systematic abuses such as the killing and persecution of protesters.The text was adopted by a vote of 41 in favor to three against with two abstentions by the 47-member Council, which is wrapping up its current session in Geneva.Perhaps you can see the Photo above - Against included Russia, China and Cuba.

Journey to the Dark Side? - Trip to Consult with Moscow & Beijing

Probably not by coincidence, Special Joint Envoy of the UN & Arab League on Syria is scheduled to travel to Moscow and Beijing. (No Havana on this trip). Kofi Annan's Team just returned from "3 days of intense negotiations" with the Assad Regime in Damascus. They are now "studying" the Assad Regime response, I guess to see how much they can compromise of principle to accept some, perhaps possible temporary but not complete halt in violence and the Regime's crackdown. I really do not envy Kopfi and team, but you have to be always aware of when you may be trading integrity in order to save your mission - then you've lost both.


Russia and China have been busy trying to redefine Kofi Annan's Mission almost from outset even as they have effectively undermined both the Arab League and most UN initiative to deliver Syria from clutches of violence and brutality. I can almost here KofiAnnan's hosts in heavy breathing, calling "Luke, Luke Come to the Dark Side. You know you will have to eventually give in." Think this is Star Wars Episode 7.


Rehabilitating Syria's Darth Vader Assad?

So while the Human Rights Council strongly condemned the “sharply escalating widespread, systematic and gross violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms perpetrated by the Syrian authorities,” as well as the attacks against civilians, the “extensive” violations of children’s rights, Moscow and Beijing claim we cannot prejudge the parties, including the Assad Regime. Of course, I'd be OK with not prejudging, but just refer the Syria matter to the International Criminal Court (ICC) so that it can be investigated, reviewed and prosecuted impartially by the most relevant global rule of law institutions.


Continuing Split Personality; Monitoring Killing & Making Peace with Killer:

The Council also strongly urged that the Syrian authorities to put an immediate end to all violence and all human rights violations. It demanded that they meet their responsibility to protect their population, and respect the popular will, aspirations and demands of the Syrian people. Especially without the ICC empowered on Syria the Human Rights Council – which is responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and for addressing human rights violations – also extended the mandate of the three-member commission of inquiry that it set up last September to probe alleged abuses in Syria since last March, when the pro-democracy protests began. The commission, which presented its report to the Council earlier this month, documented patterns of summary execution, arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearance, torture, including sexual violence, as well as violations of children’s rights by Syrian security forces.

In the meantime, Kofi Annan will need the power of a Jedi to bring real peace to Syria, and to keep his Mission from getting dragged to the dark side.

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