Dc generator operation and its parts and uses

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Generator uses electrical energy produced I mean that generator is a mechanical machine which converts electrical energy into electrical energy. Dc motor used for common in our all industries and have vehicles. For example trains and cranes because we can easily control the speed.

Dc generator used for law of faradays electromagnetic induction. It’s meant that when a conductor cuts the magnetic field or flux a current produced. It’s a operation of dc generator have some component also they are written below.

  1. Rotor
  2. Coil
  3. Stator
  4. Brushes

If we talk about the uses of these components then, rotor is a rotating part of dc generator and rotate with a magnetic field and cuts the flux.

Coil is a copper material conductor. They have many turns and coil wound the armature and current produced in every turn of coil. That explain the amount of produced current depends also the turns of each coil.

Stator is the stationery part of the generator. They used for supply the magnetic field and have a permanent magnetic with two poles called North Pole and South Pole.

Last, brushes used for conduct the electrical current to the external current we say that. It’s used for take the output of generator also.



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