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 Death Note

Live Action "Death Note" Be Released In July [Summer], Having Previously there was an announcement about the anime Death Note which has get Adaptation Live Action, and now publisher of manga Death Note, magazine Shounen Jump Weekly Shueisha announced confirmed that Live Action Death Note will be aired on TV Drama Later in July.

Live Action Death Note itself equally to both versions of manga and anime that tells of a Teenagers named Light who find a book that can kill people with just write his name in the book, Light Using the book to fight crime in the face of the earth, and it turns out the book it is the property of Ryuk, the god of Death.

Will plays the role of the actor in the film are:
Tatsuya Fujiwara Portray Characters Light Yagami
Kenichi Matsuyama Acting Character L
Asaka Seto Portray Characters Naomi Misora
Shigeki Hosokawa Character Acting FBI Agent Ray
Erika Toda Acting Character Misa Amane
Fujimura Shunji Portray Characters Watari
Takeshi Kaga Portray Characters Souichiro Yagami
Michiko Godai Portray Characters Sachiko Yagami
Yu Kashii Portray Characters Shiori Kashino
Shido Nakamura Ryuuk Portray Characters (voice)
Sota Aoyama Character Acting Detective Matsuda
Mitsushima Hikari Sayu Yagami Portray Characters
Takeo Nakahara Portray Characters Matsubara
Character Acting Detective Nakamura Ikuji Ukida
Shin Shimizu Acting Detective Character Mogi
Tanaka Yoji Sasaki Portray Characters
Masahiko Tsugawa Character Acting Police Chief Saeki
Yuka Yasukawa Acting Young Girl Character Street






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