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Though the world is getting more advance and people  different way. But still there are many matters of life which are going in wrong direction. Choosing a particular field in studies in different stages of life. Well that is obvious that kids have to live their own life in their own ways they won’t really follow their parents.

So they’ve got complete right to select the field of their own choice. But a lot of parents force their children to select a course or field of their choice. They continuously make their kids feel that you have to do all things from our willingness. They don’t let the kids make their decisions by their own self. Everybody knows that doctor’s, architects are kind of profession which are mostly successful but that does not mean that you force your kids to do go for only these professions.

They might not be ready or prepared for this or they won’t have any interest in this kind of fields. There are many other professions. Their children have to live their own life so let them do whatever they like. Don’t impose your choice on them. Because suppose if they would do something of parents choice and they by themselves not like that field then they would have no interest in their studies which will cause failure . If they select filed of your own choice then they will definitely succeed and do their work with great dedication. So parents should give their children the freedom of choosing their favorite filed . Specially if they want their kids to be happy ,satisfied and successful .

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