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It is quite difficult to reflect the whole philosophy of my mind on this important topic in a few verses but I am starting with important quotation of Abraham Lincoln.

No man is good enough to govern other man without other’s concern”

If I say, Democracy is a word which is not just limited to the field of politics so it should not be considered as wrong image directing towards the excavation of reality.

Because democracy is a system where there is;

  • Respect of ideology

  • Respect of opinion


  • Respect of judgment

  • Respect of spirit

  • Respect of majority

  • The most important respect of religion.

Democracy is an egalitarian form of government in which all citizens of a nation together determine.

  • Public policies

  • The laws and actions of their state


  • Equal opportunity for citizens to express their opinion

  • Elements that determine beauty at Zenith of democracy is

  • Freedom of speech

  • Freedom of press

  • Freedom of right of petitions for superiors

  • Equality of human rights

Democracy is a system which is not only a political system but an ideal, an inspirational, really intimately connected to and upon a picture of what is to be a human.

Democracy is a system what it is a human should be to fully human. If we look to the history of democracy in middle ages, the Galapagos in Bengal, medieval Italians, the states in Tirol and Switzerland starts their struggle of democracy against feudalism.

In 18 century the colonization of Black Americans and in 20th and 21st century the liberalism of Spain and Portugal are some of the examples of fight for right of democracy. In short in west concept the

  • The feudalism failed

  • The communism failed

  • The capitalism failed

  • The socialism failed

Because of no equal distribution of rights among nation and citizens.

The meaning of enlisting a few example of democracy from history of west is to makes clear the view of Islam about democracy in front of you. In which the message reflect the equality.

  • In thoughts
  • In acts
  • In living standards and

is only sign of dynastic rule and if we look to the really democracy in history, is that of four caliphs Abu Bakar, Umar, Usman and Ali who they were declared the enlightened caliphs and the choice of people.


At last I am concluding this topic by coding that one the cause of our downfall in our present age is that we has created a big vacuum between us and democracy and that is why I say that democracy is the only solution to our problems because at collective level it is the voice of people which is to be given preference. 

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