Dengue Virus

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Dengue virus/ fever is highly spreading virus in Pakistan from last few years.It is very dangerous virus ,it  has affected hundreds of people .This virus has killed almost 300 hundred  people in pakistan from the  last few years.Many other peoples have also become the victim of this virus. If it is not treated properly , it becomes very injurious to health of a person and in days the person become very weak.This virus is commonly found in almost every big city of pakistan.In 2014 the government of Pakistan has controlled  this virus to some extent .

Dengue virus  is basically the form of malaria.This virus also spread from the bite of mosuito.The mosquito responsible for this fever is very different from the ordinary mosquito .It is  far more bigger than the the ordinary mosquito.The dengue mosquito can be  recognized  by its size and its colour. The body of this mosquito is black and the legs are  dotted white.

Dengue mosquito is commomly found in wet places and dirty areas. The areas near lakes and garbage. The grassy area also contain these mosquitos.Childrens who daily go to ground to play , mostly become the victim of this virus.Mostly they bite people in the evening .They become more attentive from evening  to early morning.

It is very important to avoid this virus , but the question arise in every mind is how to avoid this virus that it does not effect you. There are different ways to  avoid this virus.The first one is that not to go near the wet or grassy  places in the evening. Try to  dispose of your garbage regularly.Do not let the water stand in front of or near  your house  because they commonly get-together near water .

There are also many medical creams which do not let these mosquitos to come near you or bite you.Many of them are very effective but there are also many fake medicines. Try to use the medicine which is recommended by the government like mospel .


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