Depression and How to Overcome It

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Hi everyone! This is jvanity1 and this is my 2nd comeback blog for this month.

Today, we will be talking about a subjective illness that not everyone can understand, and I'm not writing this kind of illness just for the sake of flaunting out something on this blog. I'm writing this topic because I feel this kind of illness and I think it's very important to inform others who feel the same way that they are not alone. It's important to reach out to others through this blog so that at least they will know that it's warming to know that someone is going to back them up.


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It is depression. It is an illness that creates negative emotions towards oneself. It can cause sadness, feeling of hopelessness, anxiety, and turbulence of emotions within. I'm not writing this topic in terms of physical and medical definition but rather in terms of emotional definition.

What causes depression? It is caused by the people, events, things, and happenings around you. I'm not saying that all people and the other factors listed above can make you depressed. It still depends on the type of the listed factors surrounding you.

People (Bullies)


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There are people who make you depressed and who make your life miserable. Even if you're not doing anything to them, they still choose to bully you, hurt you, insult you, underestimate you, and all the negative offensive verbs you might think. Those types of people seem to be smirking every time they hurt you. They feel satisfaction everytime they embarrass you in front of people around you. They are authoritative for unreasonable reasons, become illogically authoritative once they become someone in power, and do not respect other people. And most of all, other people will not and do not respect them.


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The best way to confront them is,  to be frank with them saying that you don't like them straight to their face and explain to them why you don't like them. And you should show them that you're not easily bullied. If they're in a higher position, it's still better to respect them because they're still someone who is in a higher position but keep a distance from them as much as possible. You don't want them to hit on you, so the best way to resolve this issue is to keep away from them. But if they still keep on hitting on you, know your limitations and confront them that their behavior is not that admirable and it will be better that if their attitude changes, you'll be able to work harmoniously with them. And if that someone continues to hit on you after telling him your feelings and even worsens after, report him to someone who is in authority way higher than his position. I doubt that the person can still keep on pressing you after, especially if you have not just one, but many colleagues who've experienced the same way with him. This is how you solve depression brought about by these people with these people.


Next thing is events and this already includes the things happening to you. Broken up by your girlfriend or boyfriend? Rejected by an audition for a competition? Family not supporting what you want to do in life? Work colleagues saving themselves while destroying you with the best they can? People who say they are your teammates but destroy you without telling you what's wrong with you and the things that you lack and just escalate your name right away to a higher position so that you'll get reprimanded and your name will be highlighted even if you've always done the best you can at work so that your name won't be highlighted to the higher management? Toxic officers in your workplace who are becoming unreasonable in noticing your faults even if you haven't taken any fraudulent actions? Got scammed by a friend whom you thought was one?

Please know that you are not alone!

Here are the tips that you can do if you experience the things above:

Tip #1: Accept it as it is.


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This is the first step towards fixing depression. When an unpleasant situation strikes you, you should accept it as it is. Of course, denial comes beforehand but we're talking about the things that we can do to solve depression and not about the stages of depression. Thinking about it means that you are accepting that it has happened and it just already happened. Yes, it hurts but that's how we conquer it, first and foremost. This tip is painful to do because we reminisce the bad memories we got out of a bad situation. So I totally understand that this is the most hurting tip.

Tip #2: Think about it but just for 24 hours.


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Life must go on. I added, 'but just for 24 hours' because you shouldn't be consumed by your depressing experience forever. You should continue to fight, even if you're alone in your own battle, because no one is going to help you but yourself alone. So you should be self-reliant and think that no one's going to help you but yourself. In this way, you'll become stronger, emotionally and it will make you a better person.

Tip #3: Reach out to people whom you can trust.


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If you experience a melancholic situation, do not just tell your situation to a random friend for the sake of getting some comfort. You have two types of friends in times like this, those who ask you because they are really concerned about you and those who ask you just for the sake of having something to gossip to others.

If you're going to confide your anxieties to a friend, it's substantial to know that this person should be concerned of you and this person would want to stay with you when you feel very down about yourself.

Tip #4: Listen to those songs that uplift you.


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Listen to those songs that give you a warm feeling about yourself and cheer you up. Listening to different songs can affect one's mood so avoid those heavy dark songs as they will just give you bad vibes. There's nothing wrong in listening to them at some time but not in times of depression. Choose the songs that you will listen to as suitable songs will trigger good emotions.

Tip #5: Eat chocolate or any food that you want to eat.


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Eat as much food as you like. But I do not say to eat lots of food always as it may trigger physical problems like diabetes, obesity, and other weight-related illnesses. What I'm trying to say is that when you have depression, it won't be that bad to enjoy yourself just for a little while. Do you like chocolate? It can make you happy because it has a chemical that makes you. So if you like chocolate, take some bite at times of depression.

Tip #6: Do the things that you love to do.


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Not only they give you a good feeling about yourself but they also increase your self-esteem. It will make you think that you can still do something good. If you love playing basketball, then play basketball. If you love singing, then sing. If you love dancing, then dance. You will forget that you've been having problems.

Tip #7: Join clubs and do recreational and purposeful activities. 

This is in connection with tip #6, but this one collectively refers to gatherings, groups, and clubs.


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Joining clubs which you enjoy in or serve you a purpose will give a good feeling about yourself and boost your self-esteem as well.

Those are the tips above that you can do to treat depression. What are the other tips that you can think of?

I don't know if you're a Korean Music lover but you can listen to these songs to lift you up if you are depressed:

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