Deputy Commissioner, Haripur -Report -4 kpk

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On the directions of Deputy Commissioner Haripur, Mr. Mohammad Irshad Khan Additional Assistant Commissioner- I Haripur inspected the different shops/General Stores/Bakers/Hotels etc in Mochi Bazaar, Sahin Sahli Road and Sari Salah and imposed fine over non display of price list, overcharging, sale of sub standard /expired food items and unhygienic conditions found. The following violators were booked and penalized:

1. Rajpoot Bakers Mochi Bazaar Fine Imposed Rs. 10000

2. Khadam Hussain Bakers Sari Salah Fine Imposed Rs. 10000

3. Kabli Hotel Sahin Sahli Road Fine Imposed Rs. 7000

4. Shoukat Chicken Shop Fine Imposed Rs. 5000

5. Bohar Hotel Mochi Bazaar Fine Imposed Rs. 4000

6. Zahir Mohammad Tandoor shop Fine Imposed Rs 3000.

Besides these, fine imposed Rs 5000 under Encroachment Act on different Shop keepers at Mochi Bazaar Haripur.

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