Describing people

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We come across many people in our lives that include our friends, neighbors, colleagues, teachers and relatives. We often talk about them. We discuss their physical features or looks, their temperaments of behavior patterns habits, personalities, way of dressing, style of talking, hobbies etc.

If we talk about the height of a person we may say that a person is tall or short, and if we describe the weight we will say that the person is slim or fat. In this unit we will learn about some of the ways of describing people.

There has been a robbery in a local bank and Junaid is one of the witnesses of the bank robbery. Police inspector Ali, is asking some question from Junaid. Let us listen to the dialogue between the two. You have just listened to the conversation between the police inspector and Junaid described the robbers’ physical features and their appearance or way of dressing.

He described their height and physique, age, hair color of eyes and dress. Let us read some of the expressions from the dialogue. Theses expressions were used to describe the robbers.

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