Design a Brand and its Identity

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A Brand is a distinguishing symbol, mark, logo, name, sentence or a combination of these items that companies use to distinguish their product from others in the market. Building a Brand and its identity is very important to start any Business in Brands. But before building a Brand the first step is to Design and Identify the Brand.There are some steps to Design a Brand.            

1- LOGO:-                                                                                               

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First of all we need to design a Logo, which is much important in designing a Brand. The logo should be simple,easy,attractive,timeless and Memorable. So the customers feel easy to know and in remembering it. Logo performs a great role in the maintenance and attraction of Customers, logo should be smooth in design to gain the attraction of people. If the people love it so it will be famous which is useful to design a Brand.

2- Marketing Analysis :-

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The second and the very crucial step is to analyse the market and to know which things can compete with your competitors in market. In designing a Brand it is much important to show different and attractive products in your Brand, which attracts the people more than others Brands. Your Products should be guaranteed and good in quality which will not disappoint any customer.

3- Audience :-


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By going through Audience we need to introduce products which attracts the Audience and fulfill their need. This will help us to make our Brand famous. Audience are the main part of any Brand, if you can't attract the Audience then you can't even make your Brand popular and good. And when you will fulfill the need of Audience then your competitors will be jealous of your Brand.

Here is a Video which will help you to understand more about Brand.

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After all these steps we can make Brand famous by using Facebook,Youtube,Instagram,Bitlanders and other networking sites which helps us to Advertise anything and people will see it and know more about it. This will spread our Brand all over the world, also we can Advertise our Brand by making a video and then publish it on all Broadcasting Channels. As much we can spread our Brand we will get result of it in the shape of income and profit. It will be like a Business we can do.

4- Brand Positioning :-

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Brand Positioning is last and the most important thing which should be discussed, that if we want to build a successful Brand we need to open our Brand at a very favorable place where it will work and there should be more Brands like your Brand because it will help the customers to buy same things from one place. After that it will be competition between you and others Brands in only Products and Variety. But all of them should sale a same Category products to run their Brands. Customers will feel easy to get same products in different Varieties, although they will help us to improve our Brand Variety.!


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