Dialogue Is To Encourage Debate, Not Discord

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Dialogue is all about on topic which is given to talk about. Dialogue on social, political, religious and economic issues plays a critical part or role in the development or progress of civilized society.  The different point of views gives more information and knowledge about the topic; If we make chance to all they speaker to speak about.

There is difference between civilized and uncivilized or backward societies which tell its appearance when the people speak up about. It shows the society in the way of discussion is conducted. People in conference have equal right to talk about the topic patiently and give opportunities to others to commit their point of views. Tolerance is the keyword for the debate, this is right that every point of view is good enough to encourage to his or her independent opinion.


Unfortunately, in an uncivilized and uncultured society just think and believe that only he is right whereas others are wrong. He just feels, he has to defeat the opponent and recognition for his argument. Such a discussion only makes the dialogue inactive, idle and useless. It does not allow any opportunity to comprehend the problems and find the solution.

Discussion is not to defeat or humiliate the others but to learn from other people’s view or ideology. In this case debates only having the exact opposite effect.

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