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  1.        Bill Gates house has been designed by Macintosh computer.

  2.        Amazon sells E-Books more than printed books.
  3.         97% of Daily sent E-mails is “Spam”.

  4.        20% of YouTube videos is related to music.

  5.        Facebook wants to impose fee on messages sent to non-friend user.

  6.        Google website was launched in January 1996.

  7.        About 1.8 billion user connects to the internet, 450 million of them speaks English.

  8.        Since 2008, Video games have more sales than DVD.

  9.        There are more than 4 billion mobile phone being used, and about 3 million are being sold daily.
  10.    First Television remote control was in 1950.

  11.    WWW is an optional part in all websites.

  12.    More than 16000000 songs are being sold daily on iTunes.

  13.    New employees in Google Inc. are called “Noogler”.

  14.    20% from Information Technology specialists are Women.
  15.    75% of jobs in the future will require using Computers.

  16.    First Alarm ever had been able to ring only at 4 AM.
  17.    Car Air bags kill one person in every 22 person it saves.

  18.    To take a picture of yourself with the first camera ever, you had to set in front of it for 8 hours.

  19.    Cars produce one pound of pollution in every 25 kilometers.

  20.    Central intelligence Agency (CIA)has been funding “Google Earth” program at the beginning.




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