Diet versus Exercise: Which is more efficient?

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Diet versus exercise, it’s a long debate. Deciding which one is more efficient is really hard. We often get confused with both of them. Some people think that exercise is best because they can burn what they eat. While some people think that healthy eating can reduce the headache of workouts. Both diet and exercise are really confusing. Now, what to do? What to choose between diet and exercise?

Don’t worry! I am going to put light on all the aspects of diet and exercise so that everyone can decide easily between diet and exercise.

Diet versus Exercise in terms of Weight loss

The purpose of doing exercise and strict diet is mostly weight loss. All of us want to be fit and don’t want to put weight. Due to this reason, sometimes we prefer hard workouts for burning calories while sometimes we control our diet to eliminate the intake of extra calories. It depends upon our priorities that which one is more important for us. If we can’t compromise on food then exercise is better for us while if we don’t want to exercise then a healthy diet is a good option.



According to researches, weight loss is 75% of our diet while only 25% is the exercise. It means if your purpose is to burn fat then you should focus on healthy eating rather than excessive and rigorous exercises.

Exercise might have enough benefits but it does not lead to weight loss. There are many people from different parts of the world who do regular exercise but they are also getting chubby. Why? Because the junk and processed food we used daily is heavier than exercise. The diet plan we are following is totally deadly. Weight loss is possible only with a healthy diet. You can get a slim body by eliminating processed sugary food items, sodas from your diet. Obesity and weight issues are drastically increased during these last years because our eating style is transformed. We are more close to junk and processed food that is causing weight issues. Following the rule of smart eating will help you lose weight without starvation. You can eat big portions of food but still, your weight gets down each day. How? It can be done by choosing the right food item that will give you more energy and cut extra fat. The smart eating can be made with the following items:

  • Brown rice
  • Fresh Fruits and vegetables
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Nuts

 Hence, diet wins from exercise in terms of weight loss.




Diet versus Exercise in terms of Heart problems

Heart problems are getting common nowadays. Every day we hear news of deaths due to heart attacks and heart problems. Heart problems are because of an inadequate diet. If your diet and exercise are for getting rid of heart problems than diet will work more efficiently.

The food items we eat have a direct effect on our heart; the people who take junk food in the diet are more likely to develop heart disorders. A number of food products are recommended for heart patients like fruits, vegetables, whole grain, low-fat dairy products, nuts etc. that help them. In this case, exercise is also effective for keeping the heart patients active but diet is much more important than exercise. So, diet wins from exercise in terms of heart.



Diet versus Exercise in terms of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases both in elders and youngsters. Diabetes is more common in women; everyone in 10 women is having diabetes. Diabetes patients eliminate sugar from their diet for maintaining their sugar level. It works but exercise is much more beneficial if you want to control your body’s Glucose level. Maintaining your weight through diet will work and reduces the chances of diabetes but after having diabetes the only exercise can help you cope with diabetes. Regular exercise each day will help a lot in maintaining a balance between glucose and sugar level.



Walking each day for 30 minutes will easily eradicate all the problems related to glucose and Insulin. Hence, people suffering from diabetes will focus on regular exercise because the diet is not of much benefit.

Diet versus Exercise in terms of a Healthy body for a Lifetime



If your goal is to maintain a healthy body for a lifetime then diet and exercise both are equally important. How? Just read it.

Importance of Diet

Diet is perceptibly important as every single one of us eats food. Everyone is not doing exercise but everyone is eating as it is the necessity of life. There is a hell of a difference between eating and healthy eating. Healthy eating will make your life disease free and fit. The way of eating matter a lot when you want to maintain a healthy body. Quality, quantity and timing of eating are much important. Control the number of calories your body needs each day because all the diseases are related to the extra fat stored in your body. So, eat healthily and in a suitable proportion for a healthy life.

Importance of Exercise

Eating healthy and balanced food is very good but if you are not burning calories equally then it will also not work. Eat good but regular exercise will make you active, concentrated and fit. Exercising will speed up the metabolic rate of the body which will never allow calories to store in your body. Exercise is vital for a healthy body because it provides better sleep and improves mood. Hence, exercise is equally important.




Hence in the war of diet versus exercise, both are important. If one is providing some benefits the former is also providing benefits. For a healthy and a fit body you need to make a balance between diet and exercise. Focus on both of them as “excess of everything is bad”.

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