Difference Between DSLR and Mobile Photography

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Photo Credit: Stylishboy81

I remember when I purchased my very first DSLR Camera one of my friend said "when you have a thirteen mega pixel mobile camera why are you wasting your money to purchase a camera". My reply was simply you can not understand the difference my friend,  only a photographer can understand the difference.

This is not the question just I faced but this is mostly asked question while purchasing a camera in this era of mobile phone revolution. In this blog I am going to tell you the difference between two and also sharing some photos taken with both the mediums, so following are the differences. 


Photo Credit: Stylishboy81

Note: Above both the pictures are without any editing and color correction shot indoor under same lighting situation. 

1.Sensor Size

In terms of mega pixel count mobile phone cameras have just reached the number almost equal to DSLR camera now a days mobile manufacturers are also offering up to 21 mega pixel cameras in their mobile phones but sensor size is the thing where its not possible for mobile manufacturers to compete with DSLR cameras. Larger sensor size means more light and more depth of field control so the result is great pictures even in dark situations where mobile camera struggles even to focus on subject and freeze the motion. Remember quality of the photo not depends on its mega pixel count but it depends on size of the sensor of the camera. 

2. Shutter Speed

DSLR cameras offer faster shutter speed of 1/250 per second with speedlight and 1/4000 per second, which even cannot be imagined in a mobile phone camera.  The faster shutter speed has made possible to capture moving subjects in astonishing clarity that is not possible by using mobile phone cameras, so faster shutter speed provides blur free pictures of moving or in action subjects.


Photo Credit: photographytricks.com

3. Choice of Lenses

The main edge over a DSLR over a mobile phone camera is availibilty of huge collection of lenses. Prime lenses provide wide aperture while zoom lenses provide range, do not only low light photography is possible but also zoom range to capture shots from far away subjects. 


Photo Credit: www.apotelyt.com

4. Macro Photography

Macro Photography means taking pictures with extreme close up of small subject, like you can take photos of ants, mosquitos, petals of flowers, seeds etc in outsatnding quality which is not possible with a mobile phone camera.


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

5. Output File Format

File output format is the area where mobile phone cameta is far behind a DSLR camera. Shooting photoes in raw file format is supported in DSLR cameras,  so post processing is possible and ordinary photoes can be turned into master pieces with the help of photo efiting softwares like Adobe Lightroom,  Adobe Photoshop and DXO PhotoLab. 

6. Portability

The one reason where mobile phone camera has edge over a DSLR camera is its portability.  Mobile phone is the device which is available with us round the clock everywhere, ehere its day time or night time, on work or on weekend,  at home or outside,  taking rest or doing exercise, mobile phone is in your hands or in your pocket so no matter what the conditions are you never miss a shot,  just by pressing one key your camera is ready in a second to take shot or record video in HD,  full HD and even now a days in 4k format. But the same is not possible with a DSLR as it cannot be carried round the clock. 


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

Video Credit: Fstoppers@ youtube.com


Mobile Phone Cameras are general purpose point to shoot cameras and are not meant for proofessional photographers in comparison DSLR Cameras are for professionals to be used for creative purposes.

Further, these days everybody takes photos just to share on social media so mobile cameras are ok for that purpose but if you want quality in your photoes then my suggestion would be DSLR.

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