Different Types Of Players On Mobile Legends

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Different Types Of Players On Mobile Legends

As a gamer of Mobile Legends, or possibly the other 5-v5 MOBA games, you can probably relate and understand. I made up all these roles only for entertainment purposes. They are descriptions of players that we always encounter during our MLBB battles.  

Players Who You Want To Be Teamed Up With

Expert Carries

Original Image: Keith Allison via Wikipedia.org; Final Edits: BoredBee

These are not just the players who choose a marksman, assassin, fighter, or mage hero. I am referring to those players who know how to play their roles well.  In fact, there are times that even a tank or support can become an expert carry too.

These are the players that can get a savage or a legendary without kill stealing. A team will lose without the expert carries.

Dependable Wingmen

Image Credits: BoredBee via bitLanders

Not everyone should become a carrier in Mobile Legends. Someone should play the assisting role too. Someone has to play the role of a dependable wingman.

It is the category is where I classify myself in. In my opinion, the dependable wingmen fall into two sub-categories: the protector (commonly played by tanks) and the support.

The protectors are the bait, shield, or the savior in the game. They are the ones who have to make all the sacrifices, like being always in the front line to take all the damage. Also, there are times that they have to save the targeted allies from being killed.

Even the other types of hero with the higher HP can become a protector in a particular situation.

Meanwhile, the supports, as the category implies, they are designed for sustenance. Their primary role is to sustain the life of their team’s attack damage carrier (ADC). They also see to it that their allies will run into safety by distracting, slowing, or stunning the enemies down.

Good Smurfs

Image Credits: Capri23auto via Pixabay

In MOBA games like Mobile Legends, the term smurf refers to an experienced gamer who creates a new gaming account. There are two classifications of smurfs:  good and bad.

There are some reasons why good smurfs had to create a new account. Sometimes the reason is inevitable like they could not access their old account or they wanted to train a new hero.

Most MLBB players want to be teamed up with good smurfs because of their gaming experience, and they do not trash talk as the bad smurfs do.

Tomiatoe, my favorite Mobile Legends YouTube animator, created a cartoon about an ideal pro team. Have fun watching it below:

Video Credits : Tomiatoe via YouTube

Players That You Want To Avoid At All Costs

Bad Smurfs

Image Credits: Martin SoulStealer via Wikimedia.Org

Bad smurfs create a new gaming account, so they would be matched up against the inexperienced players and taunt them.

Trash Talkers

Image Credits: Amy Nelson via Flickr

We can say that they are probably good players in that particular battle, but, they have the loathsome vocabulary. They ridicule their weaker allies or enemies upon seeing that their KDAs are higher than them.

I do not know why some players have to do that. It seems like they are using Mobile Legends as their outlet for their real-life frustrations.

I had encountered a number of these people. Some of them even sent me a friend request, but I always refuse these kinds of people even if they are experts.


Image Gif Credits: Breaking Bad via Giphy

These players are a nightmare for tanks and supports. If you are playing as a hero with a wingman role, most likely, you know that your ADCs should be brave. However, I have encountered some of them that are scaredy-cats.

I was playing as Tigreal once, and there was this Layla who was a scaredy-cat. I saved her from the gank of three enemies, by using Tigreal’s second ability followed by his ulti. However, this Layla took that opportunity to run away leaving me alone with the enemies even if her HP was still more than half-full. She should have used that time to do some damage or get a kill.   


Image Gif Credits: Gifbay.com Via Giphy

There are two types of stealers: the buff stealers and the kill stealers. Both of them have one thing in common; they would let their allies do the hard work of inflicting some damage to jungle monsters or enemies. But after that, they would take the last hit so that they will be the ones to receive the buff or the increase in kills in their KDA.

It is forgivable if it is the enemies who you are stealing from or if you are an expert carry.  


Image Gif Credits: Gillamvan-Gelder via Giphy

They rarely participate in the battle. They are just farming the whole time. They do not care if the enemies have called lord, and they do not care if the enemies are at the base. What they care about is that the jungle monsters should be wiped out. 


Image Gif Credit: Reddit via Giphy

There are different classifications of trolls. They can be in the form of intentional feeders, away-from-keyboard players (AFKs), or strollers. Either they are cowards, or they want to piss you off.

Trolls act this way for some reasons. It includes the reasons for taking their favorite hero or stealing a buff from them. Some trolls will just leave the game if they see that their team is at the losing end.  

Most of them are trash talkers too. They are the worst of the worsts and should be avoided at all costs.

Meanwhile, here is Tomiatoe’s cartoon of the different kinds of noobs that Zilong had to deal with. Some of these heroes pertain to these categories of players. Have fun watching it below:

Video Credits : Tomiatoe via YouTube

What To Do To Avoid the Toxic Players

The only solution to avoid them is to build your team or join a good squad or group. If you happen to be teamed up with ideal players, do not miss the opportunity to send them a friend request. If they have accepted you, invite them to your battles.  

There is nothing that you can do if you will rely on MLBB’s auto match-up feature.  There is a high probability to be mixed up with a team with some horrible players in it. It is unavoidable to a MOBA game like Mobile Legends.

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