Difficulties on Night Driving and Tips

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DRIVING at NIGHT is a whole different ballgame than DRIVING during the day. DRIVING conditions are remarkably different at NIGHT time.

DRIVING at NIGHT can be an experience like no other. With calm steady hum of engine and the darkness of your surrounding DRIVING can be almost like flying through space.

DRIVING at NIGHT feels mysterious fun and even exciting for some people its one of life’s simplest yet most addictive joys. It’s perfectly fine to enjoy good NIGHT drives but don’t forget to focus on what is most important while DRIVING.

While DRIVING at NIGHT it become difficult to tell what is in front of your headlights? Majority of DRIVING is done during the day bus 40% 45% if accident occurs at NIGHT.

With few simple precautionary measures you can drive safely. If you notice the day becoming darker, flip your headlights on.

NIGHT DRIVING requires slower speeds than day time it takes longer to see and react to obstacles. Its dangerous to drive while you are tired, being fatigued decreased awareness so be sure to stop frequently have some food and refocus before getting back on the road.

At some places like rural areas animals are likely to cross the road. So stay vigilant and pay attention to any animal crossing sign.

Another big problem for NIGHT time drivers in NIGHT DRIVING put drivers into a dangerous trance like state. To avoid this stay focus and try to keep your eyes moving while DRIVING. While DRIVING put away your cell phone it may divert your attention.

Talking to other people and listening music save off DRIVING fatigue but focus on the DRIVING.
Wash head lights every few weeks. Its I illegal without proper working headlights. Always carry around your DRIVING license.

Always wear a seat belt. Never try to drive when your are drunk.
Another difficulty faced by NIGHT drivers is the glare from on coming traffic yellow tinted glasses reduce the glare and thus reduce eye strain. The other choice is to use prescription glasses that have an anti-reflective coating which keeps light from bouncing around inside your lenses.

These simple everyday precautions make DRIVING safer and accident less likely at NIGHT. Keep you visibility high and even enjoy the unique experience of an immensive NIGHT drive. If your are confident in your safe DRIVING habit you ll be able to relax and enjoy your NIGHT DRIVING.

NO doubt it takes time for the eyes to adjust to the darkness after being in a bright day. But once you’re mastered the fundamentals of safe NIGHT DRIVING the experience can actually be a fun, relaxing one.

Road casualty statistics show that 40% of collisions occur in the hours of darkness.

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