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#DigitalConnectivity allows people to improve their knowledge and effectiveness. #DigitalConnectivity is part of Film Annex's mission and tagline “Connect through Film!" Personally, I don't travel much and I spend most of my time between New York and Tuscany, but every day, 24 hours a day, thanks to Film Annex #PayForContent platform, I am digitally connected to over 300,000 registered users and millions of viewers. Each one of them get the chance to exchange information, generate revenues for themselves, their subscribers and the users they subscribe to. Thousands of people every day walk this path on the Film Annex network, including websites like, and


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Here is our message to young women in Western Afghanistan and the rest of the world:



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On the Film Annex network, some people generate revenues with blogging, others with social media, others with films, others with the broad number of subscribers they collected, and some combine all of the above and lead the pack. Some use their real name, some fictional identities. Some distribute current events and news, others work with fiction and fantasy stories. Very few people get to meet me in person and taste the cappuccino I can prepare for them at the Film Annex Studios in Manhattan, but all can be paid for their work on the Film Annex network! Writer and traveler Giacomo Cresti share with us some of his BuzzScore secrets on his article: "DO YOU WANT YOUR BUZZSCORE TO GO UP? THIS IS HOW."


Be aware that a very broad connectivity can be distracting and not as effective as an aimed and specific connectivity. In essence, it's important to focus on specific subjects and communities to reach maximum results and ROI (Return on the Investment). Personal involvement and relationships with people can be extremely time consuming. Meetings can pile up day after day. Conversations in person, over the phone or Skype can take hours. The important thing is to measure the digital connectivity return on the investment to better understand who can generate the best results and impact, when and where. This is why the BuzzScore allows me to understand the work of the Film Annex community and why I recently posted this message on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+:


Going forward, I will be connecting through Film Annex, please contact me through my account there:

Spending less time posting content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, and acting as an observer, allows me to focus on the community of 300,000 Film Annex registered users and engage, develop and learn with this very network I created in 2005.



A mobile Film Annex application to create micro-blogs and buzz the message out to the World Wide Community of Film Annex is on the way, and we hope to present it in the next 2 weeks. It will allow users to publish short messages and blogs, distribute pictures and gather BuzzScore revenues. The BuzzScore will also be presented in a widget format to rank and promote content on third party platforms outside of the Film Annex Network, all rewarded by the same parameters adopted by the BuzzScore on Film Annex.


#DigitalConnectivity, #FinancialSustainability, #DigitalLiteracy and #PayForContent


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