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Digital Design Annex LLC  is a portfolio company of Film Annex Capital Partners, and Film Annex founder Francesco Rulli has had a longstanding relationship with the founder of Digital Design, Lorenzo Meriggi. Digital Design is a company that facilitates website development and complex database systems. Over a decade ago FilmAnnex founder Francesco Rulli asked the Digital Design founder, Lorenzo Meriggi, to collaborate on several projects he was working on, and this lead to Digital Design's birth in 1997. Here is a fun video of the office in Florence:

Digital Design also partners with other IT companies to give business owners today the opportunity to outsource website development. Their services are mainly focused on website design and web applications, and they hope to increase their work with mobile applications. Here are some of the logos for clients of Digital Design in 2012:



For a complete list of their clients be sure to visit their website.

Digital Design founder Lorenzo Meriggi worked with Franceso Rulli during a collaboration for Mrs Mudd, the John Malkovich collection around 2003. Due to the success of their work together on that project Francesco naturally reached out to Lorenzo in 2006 when he started FilmAnnex, a very small site at the time. FilmAnnex has since transformed into an innovative business model helming the online film distribution world as a leading platform for independent filmmakers. FilmAnnex currently offers free video content for viewers, and assists filmmakers with building traffic and raising money through ad revenue on user generated content.

In 2013 Lorenzo launched his website development studio as Digital Design Annex LLC, officially announcing their new name and official partnership with FilmAnnex. Digital Design Annex is the main development firm behind the success of the Film Annex player and platform. Digital Design is based in Florence Italy, but has been taking on projects from South and Central Asia, America, and the Caribbean.

Film Annex is grateful for their working relationship with Digital Design Annex LLC!


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