Digital education in Herat female schools

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Herat female schools are of those schools that were closed while Taliban was in power. Whenever they have been coming out of their houses, they were whipped by Taliban religious police men.

To attend schools and to be among the people outside their houses were like a dream for them.

Nabila is a 33-year old woman who was deprived of attending school when Taliban was in power. She said that, “I just went to school up to 7th grade. Then, Taliban took the power and they closed the doors of female schools, thus, I could not continue my lessons anymore.”

She added that, however she did not receive her bachelor’s, she can solve a little bit her problem.

She says that, “I can read what is written on the billboards as well as what is written on the boards on top of the stores and clinics.”

There are hundreds of young girls who have missed receiving education within Taliban era, but now it’s changing. After the fall of the Taliban, international troops poured to Afghanistan. They build Afghan schools and opened the doors of female schools as well. Besides, many other international and national organizations helped Afghan girls in this field. For example, Afghan Citadel Software Company and Film Annex that taught many girls’ schools even digital education.

Film Annex and Afghan Citadel Software Company enables Herat Girls

Afghan Citadel Software Company has already equipped about ten Girls’ Schools with computer and internet classes. In addition, they teach them the use of social media and blogging.

Sohaila who is a 20-year-old girl studies at Mahjobe Herawi High School in Herat. She is one of those who, now, know how to use from the social media and how to post contents on Film Annex website.

She said that, “When first I came to this school, I was sitting on the empty floor under a tent. Teachers were teaching us with difficulties. There was no enough equipment. But, today everything is vice versa. We sit behind desks with computers. We no longer suffer lack of equipment at school.”

She adds that Afghan Citadel Software Company has changed their school. Now, they have got a modern school. The girls who study at this school enjoy dozens of friends out of their country on different social media.

Herat education system gets even more standard than any other time in the past. Now that Herat Girls’ Schools are equipped with internet and computer schools, people are more hopeful about having a brighter future.

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