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Today’s world is the world of digital literacy, target thinking, and internet. The main reason of the success of the developed countries is also the same. Digital literacy provides the people globally an opportunity to become social and self-sufficient. As we can see that now a days sites like Facebook, YouTube, twitter, LinkedIn are also very active globally and computer has become the most important factor of our lives.

As I live in a developing country (Pakistan).where the main dominant in societies are men. And females are still known as the recessive .Globally people talk about digital literacy and modern education for the progress in the world. But here in Pakistan we (female) face a lot of problems not only in the education sector but also in many fields of life. We talk about computer, digital literacy and internet but here in Pakistan compare to the population a very low number of girls get higher education mostly in rural areas if the girl is lucky or her parents are a little educated she can go to school up to 10th class, otherwise most of them get education just to the primary school, digital literacy is a dream here in Pakistan.

A lot of organizations are working in this field to promote and bring the modern ways of education to the front .And these organization are working to bring awareness in the societies that women education is necessary, and they are telling the people that for the progress women rights  are very necessary.

There are many organization in the world which are working for the cause and especially in the developing countries these organizations are promoting digital literacy, target thinking, internet and citizenship without borders through social media.

And also Filmannex is working on this, filmannex has projects in Afghanistan for building internet schools, teaching digital literacy, digital storytelling and providing them a platform to get paid for their content (blogs or videos).And also Mr Francessco Rulli and mike Sweeney they are donating their money to these projects which they get through their blogs and they are helping a lot a great woman Roya Mahboob, who is the founder of the Afghans citadel software company and

‘’Film Annex's Afghan Development Project allowed Francesco Rulli to collaborate with Citadel's Roya Mahboob to establish Film Annex Afghanistan and create a channel called the Afghan Development Web TV. The mission is to show the world the new face of Afghanistan by broadcasting current event videos, interviews, and news clips as well as archival material directly from Afghan Youth Development.’’

As I have searched about this project Roya mahboob has done a great job in the fields of education and women empowerment with the help of a great team of filmannex .

I hope that projects like this for the students and women empowerment soon will start in Pakistan.

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My name is Aiman ,And iam a student in KPK University.And now I am bloger at filmannex..AND feeling great to join filmannex.

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